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PIM Voted Best in White House!

Friday, Mar 30th, 2012

Congratulations to Dan and Cristi for being voted best PT’s in White House!

Dan Headrick was recently voted the best physical therapist in White House, in the White House Connection’s readers choice awards. The “Best of White House” series, allowed the citizens of White House to vote for their favorite businesses, and service providers in several different categories. P.I.M.’s Cristi Rumsey received the 2nd most votes for best PT in White House.

Congratulation to both Dan and Cristi!

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Teaching at TSU

Wednesday, Nov 16th, 2011

This fall Dan Headrick, P.T. had the opportunity to teach a class at Tennessee State University. He taught the physical therapy student class of 2015. The instruction was on special techniques in ergonomic assessments, including how to perform functional capacity evaluations. We wish them all the best of luck as they continue their education to become physical therapist.

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Sumner County Magic completes Sports Performance Training Camp at P.I.M.

Monday, Feb 14th, 2011

Special Olympics basketball team, Sumner County Magic, just finished a speed and agility camp with P.I.M. Everyone made great improvements and came out of the camp faster, stronger, and more explosive than before. All of the coaches that got a chance to help with this camp had a blast!! You guys are awesome! Good luck in the upcoming basketball season! Check out our Facebook page to see some great photos of this camp.

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Sport Physicals for CCHS and WHHS

Tuesday, Jun 1st, 2010

Hard to believe that this is a picture of physicals performed at WHHS recently for CCHS and WHHS athletes. Progress In Motion (P.I.M.), and White House Family Practice organized the event. Usually, there are lines and long waits for events like this, but not this night. 230 athletes were given a 30-40 minute physical, performed by Physical Therapist Assistants, Exercise Physiologists, Athletic Trainers, Nurse Practitioner Interns, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Physicians-with limited waits. The medical professionals donated their time, and donations were accepted as a fundraiser for each school’s medical fund. Many thanks to each person and organization for donating their time!!

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P.I.M. Sports Performance Partners With Alliance North Volleyball During Their Spring Tournament Season

Monday, Apr 19th, 2010

P.I.M. trained over 20 athletes from the Alliance North volleyball club this spring. The girls that chose to participate in the optional training program, worked very hard each week to develop their speed, quickness, and vertical jump. Everyone made good gains in their abilities over the course of the 8 week program. The top improvements of each of the performance tests (taken before and after the training program) were:

Vertical Jump: Increased by 5” – Danielle

Broad Jump: Increased by 11” – Nikki

5-10-5 agility test: Decreased by .41 sec – Morgan D.

Great job to all the girls who participated!!

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P.I.M. Supports White House Area Football Teams at Community Pep Rally

Wednesday, Aug 12th, 2009

Progress In Motion joined in the fun at the community pep rally that took place August 8th to support the White House area high school football teams. Those teams included White House High School football, Heritage High School football, and Community Christian High School football. Despite the heat, everyone had a great time cheering on their favorite team as they competed in challenges like, cheerleader tug-of-war, three legged races, and pie eating contest to name a few. Best of luck to all the football teams in the upcoming season!

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P.I.M. Offers Free Sports Physicals

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Everyone had a great time on May the 5th, as P.I.M. teamed up with several local area medical providers to conduct free sports physicals for CCHS. This is the fourth year P.I.M. has offered free sports physical to CCHS and other community athletes. Special thanks to the following medical providers for helping make this year another big success!

Gregg A. Motz, M.D.
C. Lynne Medley, FNP
Brittany E. Jepson, P.A.

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P.I.M.'s Exercise Physioligist Speaks at Local "Biggest Loser"

Wednesday, Jan 21st, 2009

On November 18, 2008, Progress In Motion’s exercise physiologist Brian Puccini spoke at a local “Biggest Loser” meeting. Brian shared with the group the benefits of a regular exercise program for weight loss, fitness, and health, as well as gave some tips on how to stay consistent with an exercise program. Special thanks to Dana Christian for opportunity to be involved in this great program that helps people to get active and stay healthy!

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Top Five Treatment Mistakes - Sprains

Monday, Nov 22nd, 2010

5. “I used heat, why is it worse?” Ice is proven to decrease inflammation and thus pain. Heat actually increases blood flow to the injured area, making inflammation enhanced, so application of heat makes a sprain worse.

4. “When I was 21, I had an injury like this. I pushed through it, and it went away.” This “treatment” technique is unique to males, and to anyone under 25 years of age. Ever notice how the second injury, of the same body part a “few” years later hurts worse? Ignoring a sprain allows abnormal scarring, and produces abnormal joint functioning. That abnormal functioning produces higher risk of future joint injury. And, yes, the second injury is worse than the first. Bottom line? Get proper treatment early, and avoid a ...

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Treatment Now Available Locally

Wednesday, Jun 17th, 2009

The ASTYM system, a rehabilitation technique with documented effectiveness in the treatment of repetitive stress injuries, is now available in the White House, TN area. Progress In Motion Physical Therapy has joined a national network of providers of the ASTYM system which has proven to be effective for injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow), Achilles tendonitis, and other chronic injuries. It has also been effective in the treatment of problems resulting from scarring after traumatic injuries. Dan Headrick at Progress In Motion has undergone three days of intensive training and testing to achieve certification in the system. A physician referral is require...

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For more information visit: www.astym.com

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P.I.M. Announces New Pulmonary Program

Wednesday, Dec 3rd, 2008

P.I.M. is thrilled to announce a new program for an underserved patient population in the White House area. The Pulmonary Rehab Program at P.I.M. launched in December 2008. The Pulmonary Rehab Program serves clients with the following conditions:

- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
- Emphysema
- Asthma
- Post-Pneumonia Debilitation

Each of these conditions causes difficulty with breathing, especially during physical exertion. Simple daily tasks, such as walking, reaching into cabinets, getting out of bed, and bathing become increasingly difficult due to decreased endurance, as result of the above disease processes. The Pulmonary Rehab Program will improve the tolerance to these daily tasks by:

- Increasing st...

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You Are First!

Tuesday, Nov 11th, 2008

P.I.M. has been blessed to serve the White House and surrounding communities for the last six years. Since the beginning of P.I.M., we have been the only Independent, Servant-Centered Private Practice in the northern middle Tennessee area. While those words describe P.I.M., I know that many persons who are outside the healthcare arena may not put much stock in that description. After all, isn’t physical therapy the same everywhere? The answer is emphatically, “No!”

At P.I.M., the servant-centered approach puts patients first, both in action and word.

- You are first…not the large corporate therapy provider who says one on one treatment with a licensed therapist or licensed therapist assistant is not financially feasible.

- You...

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Playing Hurt or Becoming Injured?

Tuesday, Sep 2nd, 2008

I once heard a coach say to his team, “You will have to play hurt. But, I do not want you to play if you are injured.” There is truth in those two statements, because as any athlete will tell you, from professional to the weekend warrior, sports participation can sometimes hurt. At certain stages of physical development, in hard practice sessions, or in the later moments of a long, hard fought game, joint and muscle pain can occur in every athlete. However, when does a hurt progress enough to be an injury? Has an athlete’s pain already become an injury, an injury that is worsening with continued participation? These questions are difficult to answer for a coach, parent, and athlete. To compound the problem, access to healthcare provider...

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Sacro-Iliac Pain or Low Back Pain?

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Low Back Pain affects eight of ten Americans, causing debilitating pain and discomfort that negatively impacts all of our daily routine. Low back pain has many causes, and traditional medical testing has pointed the finger at discs, arthritis, and degeneration as leading causes of lower back pain. While each of these conditions can cause low back pain, some patients continue to have pain without a diagnostic finding of any of these problems. Unfortunately, medical professionals sometimes advise patients who have pain, and no diagnostic cause, that “ You have to live with it”, or “There is nothing else that I can do for you”.

At P.I.M., we know that low back pain can come from many different causes, and many different joints. The sacr...

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